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Sexy Goddess
Sexy Confidence, More Pleasure, & Better Sex
Starts July 28th
  • How to be Magnetic and alluring and confident 
  • ​Get rid of shame, guilt, judgement of your body, sexual trauma, desires
  • ​Increase sensation & pleasure in your yoni
  • ​Increase your libido and sex drive
  • ​Open up to more pleasure & deeper orgasms
Are you READY to become a Sexy Goddess?
Become a  Confident & Magnetic Sexy Goddess 

Ignite your  Pleasure and magnetism to feel DESIRED 

Have  Better SEX that you ENJOY & more ORGASMS!

Feel  Sexy & Confident in your BODY! 

Do you want to? 
  • ​Have better and more sex 
  • ​Feel sexy and confident in the bedroom 
  • ​Break out of shame, judgement, around sex and being sexy 
  • ​Have more intense and deeper orgasms 
  • ​Learn how to communicate your desires to get what you want in the bedroom 
  • ​Open up to try new things and explore your desires 
  • ​Increase your libido and sex drive 
  • ​Enjoy giving amazing oral
  • ​Love your body as it is - blast away those insecurities 

✨✨WHO is this FOR: ✨✨

💜 She is exhausted from prioritizing everyone else, she has play dates, work, cleaning and has nothing left to give at the end of the day for herself and her pleasure 

💜 She is in a loving relationship but it has grown stale in the physical department, no one has brought it up so it must not be an issue, but you miss that spark and don’t want to continue to be roommates 

💜 She has been surrounded with guilt, shame, and judgement around pleasure, sex, and desires and doesn’t feel safe to open up 

💜 She thinks of a million different things during intimacy and just can’t seem to turn it off, and not sure how to be present

💜 She hasn’t been able to achieve those deep and rewarding Orgasms she's heard about either herself or her partner and not sure what she is doing wrong, feels that she just isn’t capable 

💜 She feels like intimacy and pleasure is a task and takes too much time 

💜 She doesn’t feel sexy, confident or magnetic and wants to feel that power and confidence inside and outside of the bedroom, whether dating, single, or in a relationship and feel like she can just get whatever she desires 

💜 She has a lot of insecurities that are taking over her confidence, whether it is her body, her trauma, her acne, or just comparing herself to everyone else

💜 She has lost that desire and libido and just doesn’t feel excited or even wants to have intimacy with herself or others, it’s dried up and not sure how to get it back 

Results AFTER MY Course: 

🖤 She has cleared some of that shame, trauma, judgement that has been holding her back from being her true self and is not able to show up fully 

🖤 She feels like she can disconnect and open up in the bedroom to more of the pleasure and enjoy the journey 

🖤 She has been able to start communicating her desires, wants, needs inside and outside of the bedroom effectively and in a feminine way to get what she wants 

🖤 She has started to ignite that feminine fire and yearning that was hidden inside her and she is finding herself more turned on, excited, aroused, and desiring more pleasure 

🖤 She has ignited this fire within her and now feels like she is just a sexy goddess that is a magnet to what she wants and all the pleasure and desire around her - her partner is so excited to see her and play with

🖤 She has awakened the yearning and now just feels juicy and turned on and finds the little pleasures in life and how juicy they are 

🖤 She is showing up as that badass woman that was hidden inside and feels FREE to be herself 

🖤 She has been able to clear her mind and open up in the bedroom 

🖤 She has found ways to prioritize pleasure and has found that it rejuvenates her and keeps her motivated and energized throughout the day 

🖤 She has found ways to connect with her spouse / partner again and it has brought them closer and they are starting to be more intimate and connected, sharing desires, fantasies, and vulnerabilities. 

Starts July 28th!! First 5 People get a FREE Yoni Egg

$444 Paid in Full or Payment Plans Below!!!

So much value for this price - goes up every year as I add more and more VALUE


4 Payments of $122

2 Payments of $244

One Payment of $444

What is included in this Sexy Goddess Course?
  •  6 Training Videos 
  • ​2 Zoom Coaching Calls for hot seat coaching
  • ​In Depth Work to start using in your day to day life 
  • ​Safe area to talk about SEX, Shame, Confidence and all the FUN and uncomfortable stuff to help you grow
  •  Access to the Coaching Videos - to go back and listen to when needed 
  •  Exclusive Private Facebook group - with other women that are going through the same thing, sick of where they are, sick of what they are looking at, and in need of some love and support from each other. This will be a great group of ladies that support each other. 
First 5 People get a FREE Yoni EGG
Starts July 28th 2021 

We will use the yoni egg to heal trauma, wounds, and bring back more pleasure and sensitivity! 


Some people wanted to stay somewhat anonymous for these reviews from past launches. 

I had sex with the lights on for the first time ever! I also put up some pictures and felt confident and sexy     
For the FIRST time in over four years together, my bf and I went into the “sex,” store together and bought a bunch of kinky stuff🔥🔥🔥 - Emily A.   
Who is this for? 
  •  Women of all colors, shapes, sizes, LGBT welcome, this will work for all women 
  • ​Women in relationships that need to get that spark back 
  • ​Single women that want to become magnetic to men/women and be able to own their POWER to get what they want in the bedroom
  • ​Married women who have felt like the dust has settled down their and they just have a low libido and want to REIGNITE their sex life
  • ​Women who feel like sex/ oral is an obligation and want to enjoy it again 
  • ​Women that are not feeling sexy or confident in the body they have now, whether it's extra weight, aging, or not liking themself. 
  • ​Feeling shame for having sex, trying new things, and enjoying yourself
Crazy, AMAZING value!!!! 
6 Trainings 
2 Zoom Hot Seat Coaching Sessions 
Become the SEXY Goddess that is already a part of YOU! 
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