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Be a Sexy, Vibrant, turned-on woman in life, business, & relationships

Become a
Sexy Goddess
Sexy Confidence, More Pleasure, & Better Sex
Instant ACCESS to Juicy Group Program! 
  • How to be Magnetic and alluring and confident 
  • ​Get rid of shame, guilt, judgement of your body, sexual trauma, desires
  • ​Increase sensation & pleasure in your yoni
  • ​Increase your libido and sex drive
  • ​Open up to more pleasure & deeper orgasms
Become the sexy, turned on woman 

You feel magnetic, vibrant, glowing 

Tap into your feminine energy to receive 

Juicy, gushing orgasms that bring you energy and power

Able to take in the goodness of life and pleasure that surrounds you be present in it 

Tapped in, turned on woman, feel turned on in your life, business, and relationships 

Feel like a sexy goddess daily, walking down the street, dating, grocery shopping 

Comfortable in your own skin, sharing vulnerably, showing up powerfully, and owning it
It is TIME to embrace all parts of yourself!! 

You can be a mom and be sexy 

You can have the best sex and be married 

You can be a business woman, feminine, and loving 

You can be a hard-working hustler,  and sexy & divine

You can be own all parts of yourself from the inside out and this makes you SEXY & Powerful! 

This Signature course.. 

Is built to break through all of the stigmas, shame, judgement holding you back in your life,  business, relationships, and sex to bring out the TRUE you, the wild woman inside that you are ready to own. 

Help you be your best, most SEXY, and powerful, confident self.  Be tapped in, and turned on daily!

We dive deep into pleasure, help you connect to your body, your pleasure and take it to the next level, go deeper, get more connected. 

You may have good or even great sex, but no matter where you are at this course takes you to the next level of pleasure, confidence, growth, connection, and MORE ORGASMS. 

My purpose on this earth is to help millions of women own who they are, heal their shame, and be confident and sexy woman who have the best sex and multiple juicy orgasms. 

After running this course now 4 times. You just gotta listen and read the testimonials to see that this is life changing and my souls purpose. 

✨✨RESULTS from this Course: ✨✨

💜  Live life turned on, business turned on, success turned on 

💜 You are radiant, glowing, from the inside out and you FEEL the confidence 

💜 You know what turns you on, how to communicate them, and how to get to the finish line

💜 You've healed some trauma and can now feel open and ready to surrender 

💜 You can now fully surrender and let go, ask for what you want and open to receive 

💜 Deep loving and intimate sex is now possible since you feel comfortable and open within yourself 

💜 Deeper, longer, stronger, multiple orgasms can be achieved with this course or over time from doing the work and practice 

Sexual Energy is life force energy it helps you become more energized, creative, radiant, and productive! 

Video Testimonial 

We were having sex last night and we like really deep, loving, and he was hitting my cervix kind of sex.  I literally was gushing all over him like I never had before, and the flood gates opened for me, and I orgasmed three different times, and I just breathed through it and when I popped off and we were done, my whole body was still riding the waves of having an orgasm - Jennifer


Testimonials from past launches 

 I was able to find out what was holding me back, I held a lot of shame about myself and pleasure. 
I also learned what my sex language is which helped me understand my turn ons and desires. I've been able to communicate with my partner & learned how important communication is. 

- Sammie B.    
For the FIRST time in over four years together, my bf and I went into the “sex,” store together and bought a bunch of kinky stuff🔥🔥🔥 - Emily A.   
The 3 problems I had before working in Tia's course was not having support or the time to put myself first. I wanted to join something like this, especially having a baby and missing my wild side, I thought it would be fun to do as a pandemic first time mom and aside from serious business obligations. There was still very much a human that wanted to have fun but felt like I needed to work because I'm also a super ambitious person.

This program helped me enjoy finding things I liked or didn't like about the way I move day to day, even down to the way I think. From a safe distance I could learn about myself without having to be too personal upfront. I'm chill and a little extra but mostly a chill kind of person. Okay, and I'm a little homebody, so it's funny how I say I needed to force myself to set time for myself, and I like to stay home! It seemed difficult at first but Tia gives you great perspectives! Setting aside time for myself (to find myself) after the experience of childbirth was exactly what I needed next!

The results that I'm benefiting now is finding the very things that held me back from what I wanted and being able to shed and let go of silly things that held me back in the first place which left room for me to welcome new and exciting things that I wanted without guilt. It also helped me with my communication skills in being vocal and not feeling bad for what I want. I would say it was a fun and enlightening experience, and it was also nice to hear and learn about the seriousness of commitment it takes to be a partner or to be single because you never know what life throws at you. You might need to run to her if you feel your confidence is low in your relationships, and she should be able to help guide you with plenty of knowledge and experience and with a huge network of business masterminds.

Five stars! Bravo! - Elizabeth E
What is included in this Sexy Goddess Course?
  •  Instant ACCESS to 7 POWERFUL & Juicy Training Videos 
  • ​Journal Work, rituals, and daily routines to go with trainings and to use daily 
  • ​Private Facebook Group for support and community to ask questions and connect with other women privately going through the same thing. 
  • Course to take at your own pace

5 LEFT! 

Pay in FULL and get the Package with all the EXTRAS and surprises to go with your 8 week course 

  • Yoni Egg to use and heal with the program 
  • ​Sexy Biz Babe Sweats: you get black or pink sweats Size S-L (one XL left) of your choice LIMITED STOCK
  • ​Blindfold for pleasure play and exploring your senses 
  • Lube sample to try 
  • ​Shipped to you by week 4 in the course!

Make sure to see your size and which style you want. I will send a coupon code to get your sweats for FREEE.99 :P  in your email! 

ARE you READY to live a turned on, confident, and pleasure-filled life?! 

JOIN now for PRELAUNCH Prices  


Instant Access to training videos, facebook group, and homework. Sign up for wait list for next live round 

$555 Paid in Full or Payment Plans Below!!!

Goes up after Presale!!! 
ONLY 5 People get Slumber Party Package

So much value for this price - goes up every year as I add more and more VALUE


5 Payments of $122

2 Payments of $305

One Payment of $555

Who is this for? 
  •  Women of all colors, shapes, sizes, LGBT welcome, this will work for all women 
  • ​Women in relationships that need to get that spark back 
  • ​Single women that want to become magnetic to men/women and be able to own their POWER to get what they want in the bedroom
  • ​Married women who have felt like the dust has settled down their and they just have a low libido and want to REIGNITE their sex life
  • ​Women that are not feeling sexy or confident in the body they have now, whether it's extra weight, aging, or not liking themself. 
  • ​Feeling shame for having sex, trying new things, and enjoying yourself
What you get? 
    WEEK ONE 🖤          Own your confidence
    WEEK TWO 🖤          Break out of shame and judgement X2 videos
    WEEK THREE 🖤       Ignite s💞x drive and libido 
    WEEK FOUR 🖤         Effective communication & Explore desires
    WEEK FIVE 🖤           Better and more s😈x - squirting tips
    WEEK SIX 🖤             Bring back more sensation & pleasure in Yoni 


 Sign up for Sexy Goddess Course VIP 

Get First access to next launch date, bonuses, freebies and more! 

Yoni Egg included in Pay in Full $555 Option! 

We will use the yoni egg to heal trauma, wounds, and bring back more pleasure and sensitivity! 
This is ONE of the SIX trainings and exercises

Become the SEXY Goddess that is already a part of YOU! 
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