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  • Orgasms like never before 
  • ​ Improve your sexual chemistry with yourself & partner 
  • ​Feel confident and sexy in your body 
Feel more Confident & Sexually Satisfied
It’s time to stop faking it, connect to your confidence, feminine energy and get that amazing sex life you’ve been fantasizing. We’ve helped hundreds of women unlock their sexuality and confidence. 

“81.6% of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone and some women have never experienced an orgasm at all!”

My 6 week course will get you tapped in and turned on when you discover the orgasms and pleasure you’ve been missing! 

Does this sound like you?

💜 You constantly lead while dating, where to go, what restaurant, what time, and all the specifics in dating or partnerships, where are the masculine men?

 💜 You catch yourself really wanting to share a new epic pics or posts but don't, because of people's opinions, fear of judgment, society, or safety

💜 You catch yourself judging other women for being too sexy, sexual or too much but find that maybe you desire to be more fully expressed!

💜 You don't feel you are getting your needs met in the bedroom, things are off, but you don't feel safe to speak up to your partner or don't know how so you just keep going with it 

💜 You end up settling for men that don't meet your standards and aren't the high caliber man you desire that leads 

💜 You constantly have your to do list, incessant thoughts, and how it is supposed to be during intimacy and it just is so hard to let go & fully surrender.  

💜 You are often afraid to be your fully expressed self because you are "too much", "too extra", and have a lot of peoples voices holding you back. 

💜 You would like to try new things, like bdsm, threesomes, or even tantra but you aren't sure how to go about it or share you needs or desires.  

Picture this in the future...

💜  You fully embody your feminine essence, you radiate confidence and are magnetic 

💜 You feel tapped in, turned on and ready to attract a quality partner. 
 💜 You can harness your sexual energy with/ without being physically active and the ability to hold your boundaries. 

💜 You have an amazing sex life, you know your body, your turns ons, how to communicate your needs and boundaries and when you connect with yourself or partner you know how to reach new heights of orgasms and pleasure. 

💜 You are able to let go, receive support, love, pleasure like never before by connecting to your feminine energy. 

💜 Your significant other can’t wait to please you and show up for you because you have learned how to communicate effectively. 

💜 You feel light and free and able to share your full expression without fear of judgment or shame, which attracts you to the best friends, relationships and partners. 

💜 You clap for other women owning their truly expressed self and owning their sexuality even if it looks different than yours!

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10 Training Videos & work 

Payment Plans AVAILABLE 

48 HOURS ONLY $333 for Independence DAY!!!

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This Signature course.. 

  •  ACCESS to 8 POWERFUL & Juicy Training Videos in an online course portal
  • ​Beautiful Worksheets, with Journal Work, rituals, and daily routines to go with trainings and to use daily 
  • ​Private Facebook Group for support and community to ask questions and connect with other women privately going through the same thing. 
  • Weekly challenges, homework, exercise

Course Membership ONLINE 
Do whenever with weekly modules

 $888 - for 8 videos and BONUS FREE YONI EGG

Payment Plans AVAILABLE - 

Video Testimonial 

We were having sex last night and we like really deep, loving, and he was hitting my cervix kind of sex.  I literally was gushing all over him like I never had before, and the flood gates opened for me, and I orgasmed three different times, and I just breathed through it and when I popped off and we were done, my whole body was still riding the waves of having an orgasm - Jennifer


Testimonials from past launches 

 I was able to find out what was holding me back, I held a lot of shame about myself and pleasure. 
I also learned what my sex language is which helped me understand my turn ons and desires. I've been able to communicate with my partner & learned how important communication is. 

- Sammie B.    
For the FIRST time in over four years together, my bf and I went into the “sex,” store together and bought a bunch of kinky stuff🔥🔥🔥 - Emily A.   

The results that I'm benefiting now is finding the very things that held me back from what I wanted and being able to shed and let go of silly things that held me back. It also helped me with my communication skills in being vocal and not feeling bad for what I want. I would say it was a fun and enlightening experience. You might need her if you feel your confidence is low in your relationships, and she will be able to help guide you with plenty of knowledge and experience. 

Five stars! Bravo! - Elizabeth E
Who am I? 

My name is Tia Lynn, I grew up in a religious, judgmental small town in Utah and always felt like I was way too much, too sexy, and too bold. 

This type of judgment created a lot of shame around my sexuality and pleasure which dimmed my confidence in all areas of my life: particularly in sexual settings! 

I didn’t feel accepted by my friends, family and community until I decided to make a change and move to California. After moving, I learned how to heal the shame that I was holding onto, finally connect to my feminine energy, and explore my true desires and sexuality. 

I now have never felt more confident, happy, and sexually free. 

I use to struggle in relationships because I was always doing, achieving, and getting stuff done, I realized I was attracting men that didn't know how to lead and so I was doing everything, which left me exhausted. 

Once I learned how to tap more into my feminine energy and surrender to the masculine, I've been able to let go, receive and attract more divine masculine partners. 

I've done years of therapy, coaching, shadow work, spiritual work and I take you through the 6 Step process that I went through! I've coached thousands on confidence, pleasure, and shame through workshops, courses, and 1:1 work. I've studied the erotic blueprints, worked with sex coaches and watched my clients transform. 

This is my purpose work and I'm here to create change! 

My MISSION is to help millions of women: 

 Break free from societal, religious, sexual shame, 

Tap into their inner sexy confidence from the inside out 

Know their body to increase their pleasure & reach next level of orgasm & connection

Who is this for? 
  •  Women of all colors, shapes, sizes, LGBTQ welcome, single, divorced, married, poly, open relationships 
What you get? 

WEEK ONE:        Own your Confidence

This week we go through exercises and journal work to build up your confidence from the inside out. Confidence is an inner job and I have exercises to build up your sexy confidence to use for years to come. 

WEEK TWO:        FREE from Shame & Judgment 

There’s a lot of shame and judgment piled on our backs from society, religion, and family. We continually put on masks and hide certain parts of ourselves. This week is all about peeling back the masks, understanding why we hide them, and where the shame comes from. We do some shadow work and exercises to heal and bring the shame to light. 

WEEK THREE:         Ignite your Sex Drive and Libido

No matter how long you have put your pleasure to the side, we are doing exercises to bring back that spark and libido. There’s ways to ignite your eroticism. Feel into your Sexy Confidence and just feel seductive and alluring. 

WEEK FOUR:     Communication & Explore Desires

One of the biggest reasons why relationships fail is lack of clear and effective communication. We talk about how to communicate your needs, desires, and boundaries. We go over masculine and feminine energy and communication styles to communicate your needs in a way that makes the masculine energy want to show up for you. 

WEEK FIVE:              Improve your Sex Life

Increase your capacity and desire for better and more sex with tips on deeper and better orgasms, squirting tips, and ways to take your pleasure to the next level. This is where we explore deep breathing exercises to take your orgasm to the next level and more!

WEEK SIX:              Increase Sensation & Pleasure in Yoni

Our yoni’s can hold trauma and shame, and using a yoni egg or yoni wand can help release build up and help you reconnect and bring back stronger sensation. This workshop I go over how to use your yoni egg and yoni wand to release. 


 Sexy Strip TEASE Training
FREE Yoni Egg to use in the workshop and for healing 
2 Hot Seat Zoom Group Coaching Calls 

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