Grow & Monetize
• How to Attract Target Audience 
• What to post on feed and stories 
• How to Use the Right Hashtags to attract clients
• Better Graphics for IG
• What to post on Stories 
• How to get people to buy 
Results of this Instagram Course: 
Learn how to Make Money on Instagram 

Grow your Instagram Organically 

Create Engaging Content that Sells

Attract your Target Audience that will BUY

Instagram Course 

2.5 Hour IG Workshop - Tia ($199 VALUE)

    1️⃣ Photo upgrades - how to take photos for IG 
    2️⃣ Better content: grow and attract your targeted audience 
    3️⃣ Hashtag strategy for 2021 
    4️⃣ How to build credibility and make sales on IG with your profile 
    5️⃣ Stay up to date, improve engagement, and increase followers 
    6️⃣ How to do stories that SELL and stand out
    7️⃣ Creating a powerful profile & how to plan your content with apps I recommend 

    You will get a worksheet that outlines the mini course and has a list of what to post on your feed and stories. 
Learn how to Grow & Monetize on Instagram


Who is this for? 
  • Business pages that want to grow their following, improve their reach, attract clients, and increase sales
  •  Coaches wanting to know a strategy that leads to sales 
  • ​Influencers wanting to improve engagement 
  • ​Wanting to learn how to growth hack your instagram and use it effectively


There was a ton of helpful information. To be more vulnerable. I learned to be less afraid of being more personal in business. That giving info is different from working with me.. I can give free tips and not fear I'm giving it all away.. 

I'm definitely going to take some days to create content then put them on planoly. I love that you told us to take our time and see what works for us and to give it time to be normal and I like how you acknowledged its normal to feel weird while at first. 

- Stanza Degroat
"You had so much awesome content. I think it was excellent that you gave waaaaay more than I thought you were going to, even working one on one with you I still learned a lot from it. 
I loved the pattern interrupt tip. I think that is such an awesome idea to keep interest. I love how you showed examples of what not to do! That was very eye opening & helped me get clear on exactly what you meant." 

- Autumn ( @theworthybitch)

1 Week after taking course 

  • Content engagement up 459%
  • ​Content REACH went up 1,316% 
  • ​Look and presentation of imagery and bio improved

2,895 REACH from hashtags alone!!! 
This is updates from September 2021 

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