How to Grow &
Monetize Clubhouse
Clubhouse is Blowing up and NOW is the time to get on, learn it, grow it, and learn how to monetize. 
What we Go Over in this 104 Minute Workshop
    ✅ How to Optimize your Bio and generate leads
    ✅ How to Convert your Bio 
    If you are a multi passionate person or business what to focus on 
    ✅ How to stand out on Clubhouse 
    ✅ How to Grow your following with raving, loyal fans
    ✅ How to CREATE / Moderate Amazing rooms that have a great vibe and convert to leads and sales! 

Instant ACCESS to Last workshop & Access to any upcoming LIVE Workshops

- Clubhouse is AWESOME!!  
🔥 I've personally Connected with so many amazing new business owners in this space. 

The connection is genuine, and it’s so much easier to establish authority and credibility quickly and lead people who need your products and services to a sell! I've generated more leads and clients quicker than any other app. 

  CATCH MY WORKSHOP - REPLAY available now and I will walk you through the best way to Stand out, Grow, and Monetize Clubhouse with best tactics. 
Who is this for? 
  • Business that want to grow their IMPACT, MESSAGE, MISSION
  • ​People who want to expand their reach, following, and brand awareness
  •  Coaches wanting to know a strategy that leads to more growth and a plan to lead to sales 
  • ​Anyone wanting to grow their account, engagement, and learn how to use Instagram effectively


“This was so helpful, I was really wanting to make a room and I was stuck in what do I need to do, what makes a good room, what’s going to make it successful? And you gave me all of the puzzle pieces to make it happen.”

"I jumped on Tia's Clubhouse workshop about half way through (live) and I still gained tons of value. I came into the workshop with only using the Clubhouse app for about an hour. During the workshop Tia gave me actionable steps to improve my profile/bio and optimize it. She's fun and engaging teacher with great insights on how to monetize the app." 

- Taylor McArthur
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