Own it to Profit
For Coaches & Business Owners who want to STAND Out to Increase Sales! 

💜 Connect to Your Passion 
💜 Own Your Power (Zone of Genius) 
💜 Have fun in Marketing & Sales 
💜 Increase Profit - Charge Your Worth 
SIGN High Ticket CLIENTS, courses, workshops, or products or services in a way that feels good to YOU! 
Results of this Mastermind: 
Stand Out In your Marketing & Sales Strategies 

Shares the parts of yourself That You are SCARED to share 

Close Clients with with EASE by Enjoying Your SALES PROCESS

Feels Confident & Powerful charging Your Next Level Prices

OWN Your Zone of Genius, Your Power, and what Makes You, YOU

Free Up your Time, Make time for PLEASURE

Attracts Speaking Gigs, Summits, Events by Owning it! 

It's time to OWN it lady, You are powerful, you are worthy, You have a fire within you that needs to shine. We are going to find that fire, harness it, and unleash it to the world!  Your business doesn't have to feel like another job, it is YOUR business and I will help you find the marketing and sales strategies that work for YOU and YOUR business. 

This is what is going to make you STAND out and Increase SALES!!!

Are you READY to Sign up those clients that NEED you! 

  • You are holding a lot of shame in your life of business and you feel it is holding you back 
  • ​You're business has become a job, what happened to your passion and motivation you once had? 
  • ​Doesn't enjoy the sales process, it feels icky, pushy, sleezy, want to be powerful and confident in sales 
  • All you do is hustle, work, and it feels like a job, not making time for fun or joy 
  • ​Marketing, sales, and your business is starting to feel like another job and needs to bring more passion into it 
  • ​Scared to share vulnerable stories and be yourself
  • ​Launching feels hard and hasn't been working the way you desire
  • ​You have tried other coaches boring strategy and it made you feel stiffened and suffocated and you just want to let your freak flag and creativity out to build a business you LOVE 
  • ​This is your PASSION, your PURPOSE, the time is NOW and you have to get paid to do your work so you are READY
Own it ONLINE to be the PERSON, BRAND to go to for INFO! 

  •  Make money by being yourself online 
  • ​YOUR marketing and branding just screams YOU and you are attracting soulmate clients by having fun, showing your personality and being more YOU 
  • ​YOU are clear on what you bring to your clients, what transformations you put them through, and you feel so good with SELLING! 
  • ​YOU are now getting messages of people ready to work with you, they can't wait to talk to you and you are excited to jump on calls with them! 
  • ​YOU are no longer playing in the back seat to your life you are taking action and seeing results! 
  • ​YOU can't wait to show up daily and share your VALUE, Offers, and Services
  • ​YOUR content is POWERFUL, it helps create change, it stands out, and attracts your soul mate clients that light you up 
  • ​YOU never run out of content because you now have a whole calendar, notebook filled with ideas, you know your strengths and you are ready to flyyyyyy in your business 
Who is this for? 
  •  Fitness Coaches, Love Coaches, and Online Spiritual Leaders that are READY to build a business they LOVE!!! 
  • ​Powerful, Bold, Leader that is READY to get PAID for her skills, expertise, and purpose
  • ​Sell online products or services 
  •  YOU have a strong voice, message, and you want to show up POWERFULLY but don't know how or you are scared. 
  • YOU don't want some one size fits all cookie cutter strategy - YOU want something that works for YOU and makes you feel good that you can stick to. 
4 WEEKS of Training Videos 
4 Weeks of Zoom Hot Seat coaching Calls 
What is included in this Group Coaching Mastermind?
  •  Help find your Purpose and Passion in your business 
  • ​Clarify your Target Audience (clients to attract) 
  • ​Find Your Zone of Genius 
  • ​Own what you are AWESOME at 
  • ​How to have more FUN in your Marketing & Sales 
  • ​Launching Tips - how to have fun with a plan 
  • ​INCREASE your Profit - 
  • ​How much to charge - energetics - worth - 
  • ​Planning your programs - product suite training
  • 4 Weekly Zoom Hot Seat Group Training Calls -
  •  4 + Training Videos 
  • ​Journal Prompts and Homework to go with it
  •  Weekly group accountability - homework to go over in group to help with implementation
  •  Access to the Coaching Videos - to go back and listen to when needed for life!
  •  Exclusive Private Facebook group -This is supportive group to share with others working on the same thing. It's great to have support and feedback so you don't keep putting out the same redundant and boring content that gets ignored and doesn't sell. 
AMAZING Price at $777
YOU are gonna get the 4 main steps that took me to 1-2 clients 
to showing up, making bank my first $10k client and 11 more clients in a few weeks and keeping that momentum up! 
First Training drops April 12th! 
Paid in full -  Discount DEAL!!!!
  • 4 Week Mastermind 
  • Content, Marketing, Programs, Aligned selling!
  • 2 Weeks of Implementation 
  • Group Support and accountability
4 Payments of $222
  • 4 week Mastermind
  • Content, Marketing, Programs, Aligned selling!
  • 2 Weeks of Implementation
  • Group Support and Accountability 

Click this link if you prefer PAYPAL Pay in Full

Week 1: Purpose
Purpose + Ideal Clients

- Helping you find what lights you up in your business 
- The target audience you can’t wait to help (doesn’t have to be a niche) 
- Connecting to the hearts and souls you need to help and how to speak to them 
– What is your passion - Purpose work - clarity on WHO you help! 
– What are you on this earth to SHARE with the world 
– Get so in alignment with your WHY that you just can't F(*& it up! 
– BLOW up what is standing in your way of success! 

Stand out ONLINE in your Zone of Genius and Personality 

What makes you STAND out in a saturated market - Bust it out!  
Break out of shame of being yourself 
Connect to your confident and sexy power
- SHARE the parts of you you are scared to share
- Building your confidence, energy, and attraction around YOU and your offers 
- Owning your vulnerability, stories, shares online with Power What makes you unique? 
Build your power and zone of genius 
How to stand out and share your personality 
Share stories that ATTRACT clients & Vulnerable Stories 
SHARE content that STANDS out and Makes NOISE - 

Combining Pleasure into Your Marketing, Sales, and LIFE

- Manifesting through pleasure, joy, etc. 
- What Marketing do YOU enjoy, let's amplify that 
- This week is all about prioritizing your pleasure and having fun with and without your business! 
- Finding ways to connect to your present moment and enjoy your life and business as you grow 
- How to do launches, how long, how many posts, how often, we go over the energetics 
- Attract clients with credibility, education, engagement, and authority!  
- Content that STOPS people from scrolling and want to work with or buy from YOU
– Getting clear on how you establish the KNOW - LIKE - TRUST factor to convert your audience to SALES 
-- Becoming that next level leader that shares authentically, vulnerably, and connects on the next LEVEL 
How to balance your schedule, business, love life, family, and FUN


- Energetics on what to charge - how to find a price 
- How to enjoy sales in alignment 
- How to have more fun in the sales process 
- How to bring your confidence and power into your sales process 
How to Enjoy Your Sales in alignment with HIGH Level Techniques 
How to have more fun in Launching 

GET RID of the burnout and NEVER burn out again! 

THE Group will be open for 2 WEEKs after to catch up on homework, get feedback, post, and connect. 

Tia Lynn - Business Empowerment Coach
I am a Marketing & Confidence coach and multi-passionate entrepreneur that has turned my passions into profit from my custom festival clothing line to Business coaching. 

 I help women coaches & business owners stand out online to attract and gain more clients through owning their Purpose, Pleasure, and Power!!

⚠️ WARNING: ⚠️ This method increases self confidence, income, and better sex! 

I have a Bachelors of Science in Marketing Degree from the University of Utah

I have grown several businesses through proven growth strategies in all different industries. It was anything from a 31 million dollar moving company to an internet and tv startup that achieved $10k profit in first couple months starting from the ground up (this was my first entrepreneurial success right out of college in 2013. 

I grew my online clothing line and brand with 310% sales growth over the past two years.

I am well versed in SEO, Website Design, Sales, Google Adwords, Pinterest, Social Media, Branding, Online Reputation, Click Funnels, and Facebook ads. 

I will not only guide you to success but I can help you acquire new skills and lead you in the right direction. 

- Tia Lynn 
Past 1:1 Client Testimonials 

I take you through the MAIN themes that have made me consistent and stand out online and what I took my 1:1 clients through but in a shorter Group Coaching container. I'm posting these to share social proof. 

Stacey Farrell - The Love and Relationship Coach
Before joining Tia’s program, I was completely confused about how to “get” clients. I’d never had one before and I had only ever booked one discovery call, so naturally I lost a lot of the joy in my business and was really inconsistent because I felt like I was doing a bunch of work, but none of it was really “working”. I was constantly stressing about money instead of focusing on the reason why i got into this work in the first place. 

What I learned in the program was SO HELPFUL—visualizing, creating a morning routine and getting myself into the best possible energy by doing things I love and actually enjoying my life like DANCE PARTIES—and being able to write content and connect with people from that space. Tia was on fire with having me consistently take action and build up my confidence as a coach, getting me to do the scary things even when I felt like my fear would take over and stop hiding! I actually started to feel excited about my business and worked through a lot of the resistance I had developed over the last year or so. 

And after our first week, I attracted my first high-ticket client! It seemed really random how she found me, but it was because Tia helped me get into that magnetic energy and I was open and available to receive a client without NEEDING her to be my client. She really helped me get clear on who my ideal client is and how to speak specifically to her, which has had my engagement on social media go way up. My branding looks a lot cleaner now, too, it’s more streamlined and I was finally able to make my messaging clear and concise, so much so that I changed my business name and direction more to get it more aligned. 

It was a really powerful experience working with Tia and if you’re on the fence about joining the program, just go for it!
Why Hire a Business Coach or Do a Course - 
Client Testimonial on working with me! 
What it's like working with me, how much she got done in such a short time, how her business transformed. 

- Got 8 clients in 2 months - Signed 4 High Ticket Clients - Got Speaking gigs and more - 
- Made back $5k in her business halfway through the program!  
Maddie Hallenbeck - The Fit Aviatrix 
There is so much to say about Tia, and I could write a story about how much she has helped me, but I will hit on some key points where I needed help.

I knew I needed to niche down my target audience, and Tia helped me do that and think about it differently than before. I used to think if I was too niche that I wouldn’t have clientele. She changed that mindset for me. Allowed me to take my business in direction that I love.

She allowed me to see what areas of my online business I needed to work on, and helped me understand the tools of social media marketing.

She helped me dive deeper into who I am, what I stand for, what makes me happy.

She helped me form a more meaningful routine that serves my FLOW!

She gave me the opportunity to see how much I can grow and scale, and that I am worth what I work for.

She helped me get past my money objectives, and was always an encouraging coach!

Tia was my very first business coach and I’m so happy with how my business is going, about to do my first Launch!!

Thank you so much!

DM me to reserve an epic DEAL to do the VIP 1:1 Coaching upgrade! 

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