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I am a Marketing Consultant and Coach that goes into your business to find the blind spots of your business and improve sales. Many businesses focus on the wrong thing in marketing, they focus on the business.  To build the best website, brand, and social media campaigns you need to focus on the CONSUMER. 

That is where I come in, I help you put together a plan to reach your ideal customer and optimize your current marketing or put together a new plan.  If you need to increase sales, marketing is a great way to do it; online marketing is one of the best ways to attract targeted leads and keep track of ROI. 

Instead of putting your money into a billboard, radio ad, commercial, you can do Digital Marketing to attract your targeted audience online to increase leads and sales while managing a better ROI.  That is what I help businesses and coaches do through social media, Review Campaigns, Affiliate Networking, website, SEO, blogs, content, and ads. 

I have been in marketing over 7 years working for companies like Mesa Moving and Storage, American Title Loans, Static Threads, and many digital online coaches. I LOVE marketing and I love helping businesses grow online. 
Make your Marketing about your Customer NOT about YOU!
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Where you are: 
  • Had some clients and customers but have hit a plateau and ready to grow 
  • ​Done playing small - READY to put your all into your business and make changes. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity 
  • You're ready to raise your prices but don't feel like your audience is ready to buy 
  • ​🔥 Connect to that fire in your soul, that passion in your heart and align it with your business

  • ♥️ Create POWERFUL, Magnetic content that speaks to your soulmate, High Ticket Clients! 

  • 🙌🏻 STAND out in a saturated market and get PAID for BEING YOU! 

  • 🔥 Bring out YOUR personality online and build a powerful BRAND that screams YOU and a highly engaged and profitable audience that buys from you

  • 💁🏼‍♀️ Signs up high ticket clients that they just LOVE working with and give them energy 

  • 🔥Set up a plan to achieve their dreams that aligns with YOU - not just my ONE-size-fits-all strategy - we make one that works for YOU
  • ♥️Create multiple revenue strategies - passive income 

Blog Posts
Why Me? 
Hey I'm Tia Campbell, I use my expertise in marketing to help businesses grow with value based content to attract your targeted audience and lead them to the sale.  A lot of marketing agencies and companies are either super expensive or they are just not doing good quality marketing, they do basic posts, content, but don't deep dive into the business to grow a community. They focus on likes and comments but not the sale. I come in to make sure your marketing is working effectively and that there isn't anything being passed up. 

I am here to analyze your business from the inside out, go through your website, your sales process, how you get your customers, your marketing techniques and find what is working, what can be improved, and a strategic weekly plan that I'll guide you through. 


I have a Bachelors of Science in Marketing Degree from the University of Utah

I have grown several businesses through proven growth strategies in all different industries. It was anything from a 31 million dollar moving company to an internet and tv startup that achieved $10k profit in first couple months starting from the ground up (this was my first success). 

I grew my online clothing line and brand with 310% sales growth over the past two years.

I am well versed in SEO, Website Design, Sales, Google Adwords, Pinterest, Social Media, Branding, Online Reputation, Click Funnels, and Facebook ads. 

I will not only guide you to success but I can help you acquire new skills and lead you in the right direction. 
Tia Campbell
Business Success and Strategy Coach

Clients & Companies I've Worked with: 

Testimonial from one of my Coaching Clients!!! - Kelley Rowland 

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