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🔥🔥 Here’s to EXCEPTIONAL women who LEAP into their purpose with the willingness to learn, grow, and CONQUER their FEARS!! 🔥🔥

I love celebrating WINS with my clients!! 🙌🙌🙌
Patricia Ivory 
Transformational Fitness Coach 
Fit Core Over 40
“I was stuck not knowing my target audience, overwhelmed and paralyzed not knowing what steps to take first because I didn’t have a plan.

 I lost my vision because I was following and copying a lot of people that had nothing to with my vision. I had all these courses and work to do with experts but overwhelmed with all the action. 

Working with Tia, she helped me to figure out my Target audience, gave me clarity that I wanted to work with women and identify my niche I love working with, which is women over 40 working to get their confidence, strength, and be more vibrant and also delivering more of a transformation package. 

She created a plan of action and helped me take action along the way. She holds me accountable to get things done, which I really struggled with before. 

It is now much more enjoyable to create content for my ideal audience and I am getting a lot more engagement. I am now taking action towards my goals even if it’s one step at a time and I have been able to get clearer on my big picture goals and how to work towards them. I’m only halfway through this program and I can’t wait to see where I will be by the end.” - Patricia
Maddie Hallenbeck
Passionate Online Personal Trainer for Airline Crew
The Fit Aviatrix
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