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Stacey Farrell 
Communication Queen & Relationship Coach 

My Client Stacey went from being completely confused on how to get clients to creating powerfully, magnetic content and signing her first high ticket client after her first week working together.

"Before joining Tia’s coaching program, I was completely confused about how to “get” clients. I’d never had one before and I had only ever booked one discovery call, so naturally I lost a lot of the joy in my business and was really inconsistent because I felt like I was doing a bunch of work, but none of it was really “working”. I was constantly stressing about money instead of focusing on the reason why i got into this work in the first place. 

What I learned in the program was SO HELPFUL—visualizing, creating a morning routine and getting myself into the best possible energy by doing things I love and actually enjoying my life like DANCE PARTIES—and being able to write content and connect with people from that space. Tia was on fire with having me consistently take action and build up my confidence as a coach, getting me to do the scary things even when I felt like my fear would take over and stop hiding! I actually started to feel excited about my business and worked through a lot of the resistance I had developed over the last year or so. 

And after our first week, I attracted my first high-ticket client! It seemed really random how she found me, but it was because Tia helped me get into that magnetic energy and I was open and available to receive a client without NEEDING her to be my client. She really helped me get clear on who my ideal client is and how to speak specifically to her, which has had my engagement on social media go way up. My branding looks a lot cleaner now, too, it’s more streamlined and I was finally able to make my messaging clear and concise, so much so that I changed my business name and direction more to get it more aligned. 

It was a really powerful experience working with Tia and if you’re on the fence about joining the program, just go for it!"

My Client Kelly went from undercharging and thinking her audience wasn't ready for High Ticket Coaching to building up her value, confidence, program and signing her first High Ticket Client on her first pitch. She also set up funnels, freebies, and systems to make money on repeat. 

Kelley Rowland
Next Level Leader Coach
Quotes from Video Testimonial Below 

“I was just trying to attract anybody and my marketing was very vague. She helped me get clear on who I wanted to work with and who I wanted to speak to, to attract next level leaders. 

I thought my group wasn’t ready for high ticket coaching or to be next level leaders. I signed my first high ticket client after the first call on changing my prices. 

It took me hiring Tia to get me out of my own way. 

She also helped me create content that was unique and challenging and telling stories online I was scared to. 5 people messaged me from one post she challenged me to write, and it was people I really wanted to work with and them work with me.

She helped me to figure out my ideal customer and ideal client and dig in. She helped me get through my struggles faster and helped push me to my next level. 

That’s why I worked with you, is you give so much 1:1 support. 

I got my freebie, funnels, and click funnels set up, she helped me get systems set up to make money residually and on repeat. 

She helped me understand I am a high ticket coach and leader. 

 The first time I pitched the high ticket I got the high ticket. This weekend someone signed up to work with me for 3 months."


My Client Patricia went from copying other coaches to figuring out her target audience and who she loves to work with most and attract them through her content and break down her steps to her BIG GOALS. 

Patricia Ivory 
Transformational Fitness Coach 
Fit Core Over 40
“I was stuck not knowing my target audience, overwhelmed and paralyzed not knowing what steps to take first because I didn’t have a plan.

 I lost my vision because I was following and copying a lot of people that had nothing to with my vision. I had all these courses and work to do with experts but overwhelmed with all the action. 

Working with Tia, she helped me to figure out my Target audience, gave me clarity that I wanted to work with women and identify my niche I love working with, which is women over 40 working to get their confidence, strength, and be more vibrant and also delivering more of a transformation package. 

She created a plan of action and helped me take action along the way. She holds me accountable to get things done, which I really struggled with before. 

It is now much more enjoyable to create content for my ideal audience and I am getting a lot more engagement. I am now taking action towards my goals even if it’s one step at a time and I have been able to get clearer on my big picture goals and how to work towards them. I’m only halfway through this program and I can’t wait to see where I will be by the end.” - Patricia

My client Maddie went from being a broad fitness coach to being, the Fit Aviatrix, who works with airline employees to stay fit on the go and signed 20 clients and attracting her clients online to her app

Maddie Hallenbeck
Passionate Online Personal Trainer for Airline Crew
The Fit Aviatrix
Watch this Video - What it's like to work with me! 

Client Testimonials Half way through my group coaching program

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